Core Starter set now available on Kickstarter through March 27th1

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Seize the Imperium is a deck-building card game of galactic conquest for 2-4 players including head-to-head dueling rules.

The Emperor has died after a long and bloodied civil war, and you represent one of the key factions of the galaxy, vying to be fill the vacuum.

Use World cards to allocate Fleets, Troops, Orbitals, and Installations to conquer and defend. Employ powerful Characters and use specialized Tactics to assure your edge in combat and victory.

Use one of four different deck strategies, including: hard-hitting Capital Attack, carrier-launching Fighter Swarms, fast and explosive Drone Strike, and troop rushing Ground Assault.

Conquer or buy your way to 20 points of World cards to become the next Emperor or Empress of the Galaxy! May you be the one!